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Ray Baker

Effective communication is key to maintaining healthy relationships.

You cannot effectively communicate with the people in your life if you are not hearing them.
In this book, Ray Baker illustrates the numerous ways we all undermine relationships, and he teaches us how to systemically employ eight essential tools for building and maintaining healthy relationships with the people in our lives.

By taking us out of our comfort zones, Ray explains why change is essential if we are to hold healthy relationships in our lives. He shows why making even simple changes in how we approach our relationship with another person can have a dramatic effect, be it healthy or unhealthy.

Change is constant, often subtle, and while it might seldom be easy or comfortable, making a change is necessary if you expect to uphold healthy relationships with those around you.  This book breaks down the barriers within each of us and methodically gives us the ability to view our relationships from a fresher and healthier perspective. 

Ray Baker is a business relationship expert and performance consultant coach. A South Florida native, he graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Master’s Degree in Psychology.  He is currently the Senior Vice President of a national financial institute, with more than 15 years of progressive leadership. He also successfully leads a not for profit organization in role in one of Miami‘s most controversial and underserved communities. 

As a relationship management expert, Baker’s mission is to empower people personally and professionally through relationship performance improvement strategies. 
Speaking to audiences nationwide, Baker’s message is consistent, “We all have the ability to build and maintain healthy professional and personally relationships.” 


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Purchase a copy 


Purchase a copy 

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