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currently hiring artists & marketing managers

Looking for rare talent, experienced professionals and a diverse team of freelancers that are eager for the next project that comes their way.  


We believe that artists are the cool people who don't have to try hard. Because of that, we enjoy being the voice for artists that prefer to work on their craft, over selling it to the highest bidder.  Studio Ink. hires freelance artists for a variety of projects based upon the clients' needs and the artists' experience, providing a signature brand that's as authentic as they are.

Great marketing managers are hard to find - and lose! We understand that the term "marketing" is used way to often, but those that truly get the craft, are passionate about all of the many backend components that make it look easy.  We're looking to find highly personal and organized marketing gurus who enjoys reading about the latest industry trends and can walk it like they talk it.  

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