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how we ink the deal is really simple.

Studio Ink. is  a creative marketing agency that produces content and strategies for entrepreneurs and emerging brands.  We're the force behind companies that are growing, but aren't quite looking to hire a full-service agency.  Instead, they prefer using other entrepreneurs that freelance their creative services, while Studio Ink. manages the production process. 

Our innovative business model allows for flexibility in our contracts, giving clients more leverage on their marketing spend. Each plan is tailored to fit most marketing strategies, whether it's for ongoing marketing management, or shorter, project-based agreements for product launches and rebranding. 

live events.

creative production. 

brand management.

multicultural marketing.

  • Grand Openings

  • Sponsorships

  • Symposiums

  • Trade Shows

  • Workshops

  • Pop Up Shops

  • Copy Writing

  • Digital Printing

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Design

  • Product Shoots

  • Video Production

  • Brand Strategy

  • Press Releases

  • Print Advertising

  • Social Media Management

  • African

  • African-American

  • General Market

  • Hispanic

  • Multi-Ethnic

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Our work

studio ink. creative agency translates your message to specific demographics of consumers in a provocative way and that speaks comfortably to their lifestyle, values and interests. With the perfect blend of creative and logistical operations, we form tailored messages created by artists that are passionate about that particular industry. 

Our diverse team of mostly West Coast, industry professionals provide multicultural marketing past the confines of just speaking to select audiences.  We also employ freelance artists of various backgrounds and use minority-owned vendors to help create innovative branding strategies.  

Whether we’re in an art studio or production studio, a photography studio or a writing studio, Studio Ink. Creative Agency is hard at work to create your brand’s signature mark.

  • A personal marketing director/manager and team without the cost of overhead and staffing (health/dental, insurance, PTO, etc.)

  • Various methods of contracting available, whether it's project-based or retainer-based

  • Campaigns produced by pre-qualified production professionals (many based in Los Angeles) no matter where your business is located

  • Professional team of artists that provide specific industry specialties (beauty photography, food editorials, tech copy writers)

  • Opportunities to diversify your marketing strategy through multicultural marketing strategies

  • Flexible spending options in comparison to agency fees

key benefits of working with studio ink. creative agency:


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